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Resilience Corps


Who We Are

The Greater Portland Council of Governments (GPCOG) AmeriCorps Resilience Corps Fellowship is a unique opportunity to launch your career in climate, sustainability, resilience, economic or community development, land use, transportation, or urban planning. Fellows gain high-level ‘on the job’ experience through a year of public service, build their personal and professional networks, and receive training, mentorship, and professional development in their desired field of future work. 


The Resilience Corps advances regional resilience by accelerating civic innovation, climate action, digital equity, and accessible transportation and housing for local government offices and non-profit agencies. Projects are varied, complex, interesting, and deeply important to the state of Maine.


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The Resilience Corps adds new capacity in local governments and nonprofit organizations to adapt and proactively respond to both short-term and long-term challenges to economic, social and environmental systems throughout the region. 

Resilience Corps Programming

Resilience Corps Fellows provide support for GPCOG, municipalities, and non-profits by enhancing capacity for initiatives that build greater regional resilience via: 

  • Data collection, analysis, and visualization 

  • Mapping and storyboarding data 

  • Research, outreach, and equitable public engagement 

  • Communication, blogging, social media, and educational support 

  • Strategic planning, implementation, and project execution 


While placed in varying roles internally at GPCOG or with external partners, the Resilience Corps Fellows together form a cohort that learns from and with each other – participating in professional development and community service days together, weekly cohort meetings, and are encouraged to share resources, collaborate, and support one another.  

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