Resilience Corps


Who We Are

The first-ever Resilience Corps, a partnership between GPCOG and AmeriCorps, supports local government agencies, nonprofit agencies and regional cohorts in the Greater Portland area in their recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. Fourteen Resilience Corps members assist projects related to regional, community or organizational resilience and help to accelerate civic innovation, climate action, racial equity and digital equity for all Mainers.


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The Greater Portland Resilience Corps adds new capacity in local governments to adapt and proactively respond to both short-term and long-term challenges to economic, social and environmental systems throughout the region. 

Resilience Corps Programming

Corps members offer direct service to local government entities or small regional cohorts to address regional projects. They receive professional and workforce development as a cohort in data collection, analysis and visualization, and they participate in AmeriCorps National Days of Service. 

Meet the Fellows

Atticus Carnell

Climate Action Fellow

Eric Hall 

Data and Digital Services Fellow

Matthew Starr

Community Development Fellow

Casey Zorn

Sustainability Fellow

Juliana Dubovsky

Regional Planning Fellow

Patrick Robinson

Economic Development Fellow

Catherine Flaherty

Small Business Support Fellow

Kelly Rehberg

Regional Planning Fellow


Will Parker

Outreach Fellow

Catie Murphy

Events and Communications Fellow

Madeline Tripp

Environmental Resilience Fellow

Una Huang

Outreach Fellow

Clara McCool

Broadband Equity Fellow

Maria Guerra 

Air Quality Fellow

Julia Breul

Resilience Corps Program Manager